Sunday, May 6, 2007

Graphic Photos....Viewer discretion advised!

Note to everyone viewing this....CHILDREN SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR SAFEY GEAR WHILE RIDING THEIR BIKES! It can happen to anyone, please keep your kiddos safe!

When you are a mother to a little boy you never know what to expect. Like today for example, I was out taking pictures of a family when I got a call from Rob...Tate was on his way to the ER, he had taken an awful fall while riding his bike & his head was cut open. AHHHHH!!! I wasn't there to hold my little boy when he needed me~would he be ok with out his Momma? Those were the first thoughts that raced through my mind. And the answer....Daddy can kiss a boo-boo just like Momma. He was holding him tight when I arrived, but it was really sweet to know that my voice can calm him in a way no medicine can. When he was upset all I had to do was sing in his ear...after singing 'you are my sun-shine' a dozen times he was doing good. The Doctor came in a gave him 4 stapples in the back of his head. Once that was over all he could think of was the train we promised him and the M&M's in the vending machine. Once we arrived home all he spoke of was riding his bike again....Dad retrieved the bikes from the yard and he rode it slowly to park it, that was the LAST ride without a helmet... New rule in the Engle household....NO Helment, No Bike! So it was a painful lesson we will not forget. I'm just so glad my little man is ok. These pictures were taken once we arrived home.


Beau is glad you stopped by. said...

I visted your blog through Tab's blog and just wanted to let you know that I hope Tate feels better! I had tears in my eyes reading about his "war story". WOW, I don't look forward to my little Beau's days of scars...but I know they will come.
BTW you look cute pregnant! Would love to see pics of Lyla when she arrives.
HEre is Beau's


What a brave guy!