Saturday, April 21, 2007

I love my life!!!

With days like today, I wonder how life can get better...although I have a promise inside me that it will. We spent a sunny day on the boat and to me there is nothing better. I love watching my boys fish and spend time together. Tate is everything Rob could have dreamed of in a son....he loves everything his Daddy does! The two of them go out on the boat all of the time, but I rarely do until it is warm enough to swim...well it was really nice to go today & just be able to sit back and watch them enjoy life. I was able to relax, grab some sun (too much sun) and read my book. There was a nice breeze all day and the water was gorgeous! While the boys didn't catch any fish, we did have a wonderful day together as a family. I feel so blessed to live the life I have--I will never take it for granite. To everyone reading this...enjoy your life-it's too short not to.

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