Sunday, June 3, 2007

Nothing like Family....

Yesterday was great! There is nothing like spending time with family. There is just this comfort zone that is not present with other people. We are able to relax, and enjoy each other's company...not worried about anything else.

When my side of the family gets together, you are insured to hear some great music. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of the guitar and the laughter of young children in the background! To me that is simply the best~it is life and we are living it up!

We cooked out at the lake and let the kiddos swim....Tate really got his feel of the water when he went in with no arm floats~ I'm sure you can guess what followed him.....ME! In my clothes, cell phone in my pocket and 9.5 months pregnant!!! Needless to say he will not be going in without them again~he is such a lil rebel...just full blast without a care in the world. But then again...isn't that childhood!

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