Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You make me feel safe just by being here...

it doesn't take anything more than just your presence, my sweet Rob.

I have grown dependent on having my spouse, and just recently became aware of it.  I always knew that I loved the comfort of having him here, but didn't know how much I NEEDED it!  Well, it dawned on me as I went to crawl in my empty bed last night.  And beside the ruffle of my pillow I noticed my new pocket knife tucked so sweetly by a big pile of books.  Pulling out my phone I snapped a picture of the moment that spoke so loudly to me.  
This image tells me that without my husband it takes forever to fall asleep, as I must read myself to sleep.  It tells me that without him here, I sleep with the lamp on beside my bed.  It tells me that my safety blanket is gone when he is away, as I feel the need to sleep with my pocket knife & phone beside my head.  This image tells me that without my husband, my house is not a Home... I no longer have a comfy bed to crawl into, I no longer feel safe, I do not feel like me.  
So, as I count down the days until his return & I cuss at the thought of hunting trips,  just remember that the things we have among us daily are the things we miss the most when they are gone.  Hurry Home, my Rob.. I sure do miss & l♥ve ya :) 

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