Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to first grade Mr. Tate!

My boy is a 1st Grader. Wow, seems a bit crazy.. but it is here.  Tate is no longer a kindergardener, no longer a preschooler, or a head starter ;) He is officially a BIG boy!  There was not a kiss for Mommy as he left me on the first day, there was not a tear shed (from his eyes), not so much as a hesitation.  What does this tell me??  It is a sign that my son is growing up.  I could sit and mope about it, and think of how much I want him to smell like a sweet lil baby again, or how I wish he'd lay in my arms as I rock him to sleep.. but I won't do it!  I said years ago, when I made up my mind to have my tubes tied... I said I would live in the here & now.  I would also love the stage of life that we are in, and always be proud of my past times with my children.  So, I'm putting my big girl panties on & sucking it up!  ;)

So, now that Tate is getting to be a true blue boy, he had to go and break his arm.. just to prove that he could I guess?!?!  And leave it up to my stunt master to do it the day before school starts!

So, that is how we spent our very last day of summer break ~ at the Doctor.

All I can say is that I'm paying for my raising!  We'll hope he doesn't fill my shoes ~ I broke one arm in Kindergarden, both wrist in 3rd grade & cut my pinky off in 6th grade.  (and those are just the stunts that required mom taking me to the hospital;)

Here is my cute lil Tate with his super sweet 1st Grade Teacher, Ms. Karrie Sanford.   How is it that we just keep getting blessed with such wonderful teachers?  I thank God for wonderful women & men who truly enjoy their jobs & understand how much these lil people mean to us mommas!  I couldn't be happier with how things are starting off this year.  SO BLESSED.

Below is Tater bug walking out from his very first day, head still held high.. just the way I left him that morning.  Had I not been yacking with the other teachers I could've got him giving high fives to Mr. Brian... but I missed it ;)  

So here's to the school year of 2010-2011... let it be a fun year for my boy, and let him remember as he goes through this year that he may outgrow my lap, but never my heart.  

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