Thursday, November 6, 2008


Lyla's favorite things in the whole wide world are her baby dolls. She rocks them, kisses them, puts them to bed, etc. If you see Lyla then you see a baby! Normally as I hold Lyla I am also holding atleast one other baby. We have to feed the babies, bathe the babies, rock the babies, etc. So in the end it is like I'm raising a set of twins ;)

This is Lyla's little Cabbage Patch Baby that she cried for at a recycle store....It has turned out to be one of her favorite Little Babies~ I had searched high & low for Bailey a disigner doll with the stamp of 2008 on the back of her neck. I finally found her on vacation, she was going to be the baby that I put up for Lyla as her first baby doll ~ Well she hates that baby, she would rather play with her $1 baby. That's the best things about kiddos, they could care less about what you pay, or what the baby wears, as long as it is able hold hugs from her, accept her kisses, and sleep with her at night. So in the end, this old wore out baby will be the baby I put away for her to keep forever.
If you look way down below~ you will notice her Baby laying on the ground below....she had just tossed it from the deck~ I promise she doesn't get her Mothering Skills from me ;)

I'm loving this picture, (although Lyla is a big motion of blur) It shows her daily life....Babies & playing Mommy. She loves to help me clean & be the little momma hen, as I call her.

Here is Lyla playing peek-a-boo with her baby...she says "Where's Baby?" And then jumps up with a big "Beeeee" (which means boo, in Lyla talk)

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