Friday, October 17, 2008

"One day your gonna miss this"

It's not always PEACHIE in the Engle Household. And today was one of those days.....

7 am I woke to a five year old begging me to play his Playstation (which is only played as a reward) so when he was told "no" what did I get CRYING! Which is nothing out of the norm, but then Lyla started in, before I could even make breakfast. She stayed at my feet crying during the prep of Breakfast, then in my lap crying during breakfast, then trailing not a foot behind me while I cleaned, did some laundry & she was still there when I threw my hands in the air and gave up! I knew the only thing that could stop the screaming & crying was to with out a shower & with crying kids I threw some clothes on to go to the park.

Once at the park we were happy. We'd adventured to Ball Ground to a new little peaceful park (where I didn't know anyone, due to my dirty hair & no makeup) It was just what we needed, a breathe of fresh air. Once we played for a bit & drove by the train yard, Tate was content to go home. On the way home he started asking over and over and over to go to his Grandma's house. So this turned into a fit of crying....then Lyla started in, cause she was tired & here we were again.....the same place we started! I knew it wouldn't be long & Rob would be home to help me with my crazy kiddos. Once he arrived home I knew things weren't looking any better. It seemed as if he & Tate couldn't be in the same room together~ as I sat on the kitchen floor (holding Lyla) I watched Tate go to the corner time after time. Rob was is the same mood the kids had been in?!?! So I decided after dinner, I would go grocery shopping & take Tate to Deena's. That way I could be out of the house, Tate would be away from the corner & Rob could hopefully take a nap with Lyla.

After dropping Tate off with Deena, I went in Walmart~ with my head pounding! Two hours later & way over my budget $243.07 for one week of groceries~~~ could this day get any worse?!?! As I drove to drop off a Birthday gift to a friend of mine I broke down in tears. A song that I've heard numerous times came on the radio it was titled "your gonna miss this" As I listened to the words I realized how true it was & just how much it fit my day today. Because with all the fussing, crying, headache, & money spent this was part of my life. My kids will grow one day and not need Mommy & I will miss them crying for me to hold them. I will miss Tate begging me for his childish games or begging to spend the day with his Grandma, or the cookies, or to skip a nap, or popcicles, or to go stay a few minutes longer at the park. I will miss it all. I'm not sure if I'll miss Rob sending him to the corner for no reason at all, but you get the idea. Anyway, this big long story boils down to one simple thing. Although life does not always seem wonderful or is life & it's your life, live each day and enjoy each and every part of your day~ good or bad. Because you can't go back & things change so fast. And one day you too are gonna miss this time in your life.

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