Monday, July 16, 2007

The ever shrinking Hippo

Lyla went to the Dr. today for her one month check up! Crazy already a month has passed, but it has. She weighed in at a wopping 8lb. 7oz. Which is smaller than Tate was when he was born. She is a petite little thing~but I love every pound of her! She had a high grade temp. for some unknown reason, hopefully it was because I had her wrapped up in a has went down, but has to be watched. There is nothing worse than having a helpless little baby~it just pulls at my heart strings. So right now she is cuddled up with Daddy taking a snooze and hopefully things will be back to norm. soon.

As you all know I can't post without adding some super cute pics of her~ so here are the ever shrinking hippo pics! Each month I plan on taking a picture of her beside this hippo in just her daiper.....with time the hippo will begin to shrink or will she just be gettting bigger?!?! Anyway I think it'll be really cute to see a year from now how much she has changed!

2 weeks old....

1 month......

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Tabitha W. said...

I can't believe how much she has grown! Great idea for capturing her growth. I need to get over there and visit soon.